Welcome to Sojourners & Scrubs

About this blog:

Sojourners & Scrubs is a book and lifestyle blog inspired by my Instagram account of the same name. Right now, I’m not completely certain of what type of posts I’ll share here. I do, however, hope to share maybe some book reviews and book lists and recommendations here. I also want this to be a lifestyle blog, so I may include nursing school related posts. I’m working up the courage to speak about/write about my mental health journey or mental health in general and I may include posts like this here.

My Instagram: @sojournersandscrubs

What I read:

I’m a mood reader who reads from a variety of genres. My current favourite genres are YA Fantasy and Adult Fantasy. To see what I’ve read this year check out my Bookstagram, Goodreads, and Storygraph accounts.

About Me

My name is Violet and my pronouns are She/Her. I’m a twenty-four year old avid reader and bookish content creator from Ontario, Canada. I graduated this year from Mohawk College with a Pre-Health Sciences Certificate, and will be starting a RN program in September.

Alongside reading, I also love coffee, cats, and creative writing. My chapbook Disfiguring was published by Frog Hollow Press in June, 2020 as part of their Dis/Ability Series.

My poem: “My Skeleton” was published in June, 2022 in Issue 15.1 of Hamilton Arts and Letters .

I hope to keep writing alongside nursing. As a person with lived mental illness issues, I would also like to get involved in Mental Health Advocacy (although I’m not in what capacity yet!)

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy!

~Violet Rosemary

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